About Us

With a mission statement to create an approachable, friendly and welcoming club for ladies and gents – we hope you will feel at home with us.

Filling a gap between racing clubs and solo riding the only thing we’re missing is you!

The committee’s role is to:-

  • Bring new and existing ideas to the table and see them through to fruition
  • Help with the day to day running of the club.
  • Running Social media such as the Website and Twitter
  • The group will be responsible for agreeing policy, moving the club forward within the community, be inclusive and follow the ideals first set out with the club formation.
  • Funding – Help with fund raising for the benefit of the club and its members
  • Charitable events and contributions

Cottingham Road Club will always be an inclusive non racing cycling club, open to all and demanding nothing but your time to ride, all we ask is you be tolerant of others and have a road bike (the clue’s in the name!)

Here’s a quick graph showing the signups per month: