Just starting out or new to group cycling?

So you’ve got a road bike, probably ridden on your own for a while and no doubt seen one of our flyers or heard about the club from a friend.

You’re now in a position where you want to join a club ride but are thinking the same thoughts we all had before taking the plunge.

“When I first joined Cottingham Road Club approximately 18 months ago, I had little confidence that I could keep up and worried about slowing others down. I considered my fitness level to be adequate but wanted to improve my cycling. My fears were soon forgotten after a few rides having realising Cottingham Road Club is such a great bunch of guys to cycle with, who look after you and more so if you are struggling.” – Carol

Group riding is one of the best times you’ll ever have on a bike, the camaraderie, the banter, the pushing of physical and mental boundaries, the mini competitions and the cafe stops -there’s nothing quite like it.

CRC chain gang
Cottingham Road Club – chain gang


The questions nagging at the back of your head are only natural and this page is an attempt to ease your concerns.

“Highly recommended if you want to join a friendly non competitive cycling group. Joined 6 months ago. Now try not to miss the weekend runs. My speed and stamina has improved a lot going out with the group. All level welcome which I felt from the first ride. Best bit..motto of the group…nobody is left behind. Best way to spend weekend morning whatever the weather and enjoy fabulous views.” – Niloy

As the nights start getting lighter and the temperatures rise Cottingham Road Club will be organising a series of starter rides, these will be kept to a slower pace and shorter distance, you then have a chance to come along and try group riding without the concerns.

Most of our main weekend rides are kept at a reasonable pace to suit the majority of riders, we do ask that you learn pack riding as quickly as possible as it’s the safest and easiest way to ride most of the time.

This video demonstrates a recent trip we did to Hornsea and back for coffee.  You can see various hand signals within the group which will all be explained on your first outing with us.

Sit back and enjoy 5 minutes of free rolling fun..

Cottingham Road Club prides itself on its friendly and caring nature, we make sure that all riders are accompanied and if in trouble we will never leave a rider behind.

We also try to help you deicide on what to carry with you on your rides. Ben is a regular club member and has written an article describing what he carries with him and why, it’s worth a read if you’re unsure of what to pack for a ride.


The social side of group rides – coffee and cake (sometimes)

 “I joined back end of 2014 and even though I struggled with some climbs the camaraderie and advice spurred me on to the end. I worried about being able to keep up the pace but each and every time I’ve fallen behind it’s reassuring to know the club will wait and encourage me further. 2015 will see my first 100 mile rides and numerous sportives.” – Rich

If you have any questions – please contact us so we can help answer them.

And here’s a very good introduction to riding in a group (thanks to BDCC for pointing it out).