Combined ride with Cottingham Road Club and Sunday Girls Road Club – 29-09-12

A windy Saturday morning saw a great turn out for the regular Cottingham Road Club ride.
The ride was a medium length route of 40 miles departing from the Purple Cow in Cottingham just after 10:15 am.

Group A cycling on the south bank posing for the camera

The ride was split into two groups leaving 15 mins apart, the route staying the same allowing riders in the fast group to keep the pace going while at the same time those who do find the pace too much can drop off the back knowing they will be picked up Group B.

Group B set off first and increased in number with the welcome addition of the some of the members of the Sunday Girls Road Club at the Humber Bridge, Group A caught up just as we hit Gravel Pit Road hill on the South Bank and a marvellous site was to beholden as around 30+ cyclists took over the hill, it brought tears to the eyes, or that may have been the very strong head wind!
Talking of head winds, the full length of Horkstow Hill behind Barton was head wind hell, 4-5 miles of ‘fun’…..

Be the time the stragglers (aka me..) managed to crest the Hill group A was no where to be seen but the whiff of testosterone was still in the air as they raced each other, this is the beauty of the two group system 🙂 It allows those that want to push it to do so without having to slow down too often.

We turned left halfway down Horkstow Ramp and headed along Middlegate Lane for the nice views and empty roads.  We declined the option of Elsham Rise (my excuse was a slipped disc – the others provided their own excuses…) and met up with Group A as they congregated at the top to rest for a few minutes.

And then it was off again – heading SE, downhill with a back wind and empty road, add in the sun and it was pure cycling bliss.

Turning North onto Cycle Route One we enjoyed the undulating car free roads of Lincolnshire all the way back to Barton and the Humber Bridge, but not before we stopped for a group photo though 😉

Cottingham Road Club and Sunday Girls Road Club
Cottingham Road Club and Sunday Girls Road Club
Group Ride
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All in all it was great group ride between two great clubs, hopefully the first of many.  The wind was a little strong but hey – that’s cycling, if you’re reading this and thinking of coming along to any of the rides, you are always welcome, we never take anything too seriously (apart from safety!) and the emphasis is always on cycling for fun and inclusivity.