Club Ride to Sledmere

11 eager souls arrived at The Purple Cow on a bright and breezy morning ready for a long ride out to Sledmere House.  Meg Burkill managed to get many shots of the bikes with some interesting shadows being created thanks to the lesser spotted “Sun” being out.

The ride started at an good pace, heading out to Sledmere without a hint of wind, that was until we hit Wetwang (the cafe at Sledmere was closed!!) Whilst many have the delights of Harpers Fish and Chips others opted for a lighter option or just a coffee.

As soon as you leave Wetwang you hit a big climb, initially quite steep with twists and turns before flattening out somewhat, 4km of climbing after fish and chips is not the best idea.

We split into 2 bunches to allow the faster group to push on and the slower group to ride together without fear or being dropped. We dont leave people behind! The ride back was tougher, the wind was now in our face and we felt it all the way back to the Purple Cow.

A great ride that was made even better by the sun burn that those of us who braved shorts where now sporting.

Weekends are for cycling!

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