Club runs 2014

There’s been a distinct lack of updates on this site – for that I can only apologise, life just got in the way.

But back to the more important issues – cycling..
Club runs have taken place over the Winter, rain and bad weather don’t stop riders from riding, and there has even been regular Tuesday night sessions!

What there hasn’t been is any information for those of the non-facebooked members, so here we go..

Every Tuesday evening from now on there should be a ride starting from the Purple Cow in cottingham – look at the Club Calendar for more info.

This Saturday there will be the regular weekend ride, this week we have a 32 mile trip to Trundle and back, just enough to enjoy the scenery and marvel at the magnificence that is Trundlegate before heading back to the Cow and a bacon sandwich.

Meet at 9:45(ish)am to ride at 10:00..
Estimated time of ride – 2 hours.