Icy trip around the Lincolnshire Wolds – Sunday 8th Feb

Sunday (8th Feb) saw a determined group of CRC members meet at the Humber Bridge car park.

CRC starting at the Humber Bridge
CRC starting at the Humber Bridge

A fairly large group of 25, which included five ladies, two new riders and a visitor from our parent affiliation club the ‘CTC’, amassed before setting off at 9am.

So far the cycling season has been very hit and miss and it was obvious from the turn out that people have missed their cycling fix.

Having had a few club rides cancelled already in 2015 today’s threat of a mild frost was not going to stop them riding.

Icy corners are not nice

It was a start full of trepidation and ‘one foot in and one foot out’ of the clips as we climbed away from the icy car park and onto the sunny side of the Humber Bridge.

Crossing the Humber Bridge
Crossing the Humber Bridge

We managed to skirt past the icy hairpin on the Barton side of the bridge before tackling the first of many hills in our 30 mile lumpy ride.

Gravel pit road provides a nice view of the Humber Bridge, but you’ve got to reach the top first!

Gravel Pit Road
Gravel Pit Road

From there we passed through Barton heading South towards Brigg, luckily Chris’s route kept us on the treated ‘B1206’ road, it was slightly more busy than the usual country lanes but at least it was ice free.

Time to re-group
Time to re-group – photo credit – Charlie

We split up a little as everyone enjoyed the freedom of the open undulating road to cycle at their own pace.

After heading down the 11% drop of Elsham Rise we re-grouped before starting the climbing section of our club ride.

Descent of Elsham Rise
Descent of Elsham Rise

The 2nd half of the ride was all about short and sharp, which describes the climbs of Saxby, Dann’s Hill and others along the ridge just perfectly.

Bonby Bank - 15%
Bonby Bank – 15%

For some today was their first look at the hills as well as the view from the top of the ridge looking towards Scunthorpe and the Humber.

View from the ridge - photo credit - Victoria
View from the ridge – photo credit – Victoria

For one of our new riders it was also his first day in cleats!

With climbs topping out at 18% in places the hills really are short and sharp, add in the icy conditions and it was a credit to all those that rode today to not only get to the top but without major mishap.

ICY! - Horkstow Ramp
ICY! – Horkstow Ramp

The hills were a means to an end, the only reason to climb them was to ride back down, only a fellow cyclists would take pleasure in that statement.

By the time we arrived at Horkstow Road there were a few tired legs which soon turned to triumphant smiles having battled to the top and ticked off  the five climbs along the ridge of Horkstow Ramp, Saxby Hill, Dann’s Hill, Bonby Bank and The Hill at Worlaby.

The hard works done
The hard works done – photo credit – Charlie

We then enjoyed the two mile meander back down the Horkstow Road into Barton before crossing the Humber Bridge again and home.

This time the carpark was ice free and as an added bonus – the tea wagon had turned up.. tea and a bacon butty anyone? – you’ve earned it..

End of the ride
End of the ride


And as ever the best bit was coming home to find that our very own videographer – Alan has captured the whole event for later viewing.

Next weeks ride is 40 mile wander around the Yorkshire Wolds with a visit to everyone’s favourites – Trundlegate & Brantingham