I can see the sea

UPDATED – Sunday – 22 Feb – a coffee in Hornsea

Alan has written a great review of this ride too, you can read more over at his ‘just giving blog’

Please think about sponsoring Alan, he’ll be riding the Prudential Ride London 100 mile ride for Alzheimers Research UK..

Well the forecast for Saturday and Monday was perfect, Sunday though would be cold, windy with a chance of rain.. perfect for a club ride to the windy coast..

As is the case for rides to the east of the city we met at Swiss Cottage Pub for the 9am start.

For this meetup we had 13 starters of which 2 were ladies .
We also had 1 new member to the club, so we provided a basic introduction to group riding explaining carious arm signals etc luckily this particular member was used to riding with our parent club the CTC so took it all in his stride.

Heading North to Coniston
Heading North to Coniston

The route took us on an anti-clockwise direction, to start we
where we turned off the main road to the quiet back lanes that the East Riding  is famed for.

As cyclists we can be thankful that we live in such cycling friendly country, the hills aren’t too steep or too long and the country roads are quiet with little traffic to crowd us.

We enjoyed these quiet conditions with a favourable back wind for quite a while. We sailed past Meaux, or as in it’s original Norse term – ‘sandbank-pool’, at a reasonably quick pace,  the banter was flowing and everyone was enjoying themselves, this is how all club rides should be (non stop back winds with quiet roads!).

Passing by the Abbey no-one seemed interested when I forcibly pointed out the remains, even though the Abbey was the owner of the land around Wyke, upon which the City of Hull was founded.

Cycle path riding alongside the A1035
Cycle path riding alongside the A1035

King Henry VIII decided he didn’t like and ‘downsized’ it…

Our average speed was touching 20mph for this stretch, which basically equates to a hard time on the way home – but that is cycling.

We had a section of the route on the A1035, which is not cycle friendly, luckily the cycle path is of good quality and more importantly – clean from glass and debris.  We followed for a about a mile and a half before turning North for Leven.

The wind was cold but it was still from behind us so we we’re happy and soon turned for the coast at North Frodingham.

Having passed through Skipsea the back wind departed us and it was a straight on freezing cold head wind to enjoy.  As we were on relatively busy roads we brought the group together and road as a pack two abreast.  A few of the stronger riders took turns at the front and kept a good 15mph pace into the wind, this allowed those behind to enjoy the ride without getting too much out of breath.

The traffic leaving Skirlington Market meant good road discipline was needed which to the credit of all riders they performed admirably, we pulled over a few times to alleviate any queuing traffic and it wasn’t long before we arrived in Hornsea.

Normally we don’t take coffee breaks, but there are a few rides that seem to have turned into ‘coffee rides’ Hornsea/Withernsea and Howden both come to mind.  It’s really down the quality of the café and facilities on offer.

Luckily we found a cyclists friendly coffee stop – Knights of Hornsea.

Cake and Coffee in the warmth – om nom..

Coffee & cake
Coffee & cake

Something must have happened to the climate because as the temperature on leaving Knights was infinitely colder than when we arrived! Everyone was shivering as we got back on our bikes.

As is customary when visiting the seaside we had to have a quick look at it, and it was quick.. The wind was raw taking away any heat we had left in our bodies.

I can see the sea
I can see the sea

The only response to this is get pedal harder!

So we set the pack up again and kept a good pace back through Aldbrough and Sproatley helping shield everyone from the wind.

Cottingham Road Club peleton
Cottingham Road Club peleton

One of our riders did have an issue with a knee injury which caused him to drop back, we sent a rider back to make sure he was ok and seeing we weren’t too far from home allowed the main pack to continue on at their pace.

The knee pain was alleviated slightly by rising the saddle – and the two back markers limped home a few minutes after the main pack.

Saddle height is important
Saddle height is important

All in all a good of group riding, some learnt new skills while others were able to practice their ‘peloton’ riding and best of all – it started in the dry and ending in the dry – pity for those that cycled home as it started raining soon after..

Myself? – Well I arrived in car so I was nice and dry..

You can also watch a few minutes of Sundays ride on YouTube – as ever our top quality video-grapher – Alan, has produced a superb reminder of the event.