Ride review – 50 mile trip to Howden

Well that was a windy one!

Distance: 50 miles
Route: Available on the Garmin website
Starting numbers: 18
Women: 4
New riders: 1
Ride time: 3:45 mins

Today’s ride was on paper a slow up hill struggle until South Cave then a slow head wind grind until Howden, before an easier time on the way back finishing with a sting in the tail..

Which is exactly what it turned out to be.

A good sized group of 16 turned up on ready for a 9am start and if it weren’t for a couple of dubious riders arriving late the ride would have started on the dot.

As it happens it was me that was late, but I plead the 2nd in my defence.

Aka the 2nd cup of coffee that morning.. I knew I shouldn’t have agreed to Charlie’s demands to “have a coffee – we’ve plenty of time” but I’m weak and it was so nice..

It meant that Charlie and I were flat out on the A164 from Hessle to Cottingham dicing it with the cars to make sure we arrived in time. We failed by around 7mins, but at least we were warm for the start.


The group forgave us [just] and off we went – a long line of cyclists leading up Harland Way hill.

As a group we’ll have to get better at our side by side discipline or split a bit better to allow traffic to pass – when in a pack we need to make sure we don’t make sudden movements.  Don’t brake suddenly nor weave side to side – riding in a pack reduces the effort required for all riders.

On the hill out of Skidby everyone tried to keep together to allow some respite from the strong head wind, but it’s quite exposed and can be grinding for some – we eventually split into groups.


It was more of the same all the way to the top of Comberdale Hill were it was everyone for them selves on the downhill section.

I chased Chris who was very strong, I could see him up ahead but no matter how much effort I put in I couldn’t get any closer.
The wind was so strong that not only did it reduce my top end by 10mph on the downhill it also made my eyes water.


We re-grouped at the bottom and waited for everyone to arrive, Gary and Wayne arrived looking particularly animated, it turns out Wayne had survived a big slide on the decent of South Cave hill while travelling over 30mph.. not good..

On the other side of South Cave we met up with a couple more Cottingham Road Club members which made our number up to 18, not bad for a breezy February morning.


The route took us through Newport where cars were a constant threat, the roads are quite straight so there is a tendency to speed through Newport village, this was quite evident when we spotted the Safer Roads Humber van parked at the side of the road. Hopefully they got some of the idiots that couldn’t wait a few seconds and came too close.


As always it was just a few of the people who drive that caused an issue, the majority waited, gave us plenty of room and a friendly wave as they passed – which we reciprocated with gusto!

Turn right in Newport we picked up the narrow back road to Eastrington, the head wind was quite brutal in the exposed places but eventually we made it through the village and arrived in Howden.


After last weeks stolen bike news we were a little apprehensive so made sure we had people watching the bikes at all times.


We did wonder when this gentleman wandered by a few times and muttered about the value of the bikes.. He was probably innocent of any nasty thoughts and we were just paranoid – regardless keen eyes were kept on our prize steeds.


The cheese shop provided excellent service and coped well with 18 cyclists demanding coffee as well as the rest of the clientèle.
Chapeau Cheese shop – chapeau..


Coffee and cake consumed and it was back on the bike, we only had a few miles left of head wind before turning left alongside the Humber – what a difference it made.
From then on it was back wind all the way home and combined with the relatively empty roads it made the struggle out worth it.


We stopped for a re-group at the tile works new Broomfleet and was advised that there’s a new barrier across the road, we chanced it as it’s a super smooth road with no traffic – all of us either ducked the barrier or popped around it and continued on our way.


The next re-group was just before Ellerker were a very nice Ferrari zipped by.


After that it was the Brantingham Dale climb to look forward to..


Each of us climbs the hills in our own way so I’ll let you decide the level of suffering we each encountered, I know by the time I got to the top of the hill my legs were feeling it..


After that it was downhill all the way before we split up at Raywell with some peeling off for Hessle while the majority headed back to Cottingham.

All in all a good club ride for late February – yes it was windy but at least it was dry, more of the same next week please.