Breaking new ground…

Photos by Charlie
Cottingham Road Club started out with a few friends riding together, over the years the people who lead the club have changed but the same ethos and philosophy is engrained throughout the club like the words in a stick of rock.

We’re a friendly non-racing club that is there for the passion of cycling.

Rolling along..


Stuart doesn’t ride with the club any more but we can thank him still for the seed he planted which today started on a new period of growth..

This weekend has seen Cottingham Road Club hold two official rides, yes – the Facebook forums allow members to organise themselves into groups for ad-hoc rides but Saturday saw our normal club ride while Sunday was our very first starters ride.

The committee that help run Cottingham Road Club have discussed starter rides for some time and we left it up to Chris, our resident route maker to choose a short easy[ish] route that could test those that want to try.

Safety briefing


The reasons for a starters ride? – Well we’ve all been there, lurking on Facebook – reading the posts, riding on our own and wondering when is the best time to jump on the roundabout. Everyone say’s “Just come on and ride – you’ll be fine...” but there are always questions in the back of your mind..

Some do pluck up the courage, turn up on a weekend and enjoy the experience – others have turned up with little fitness and suffered. We wanted a ride for those that have questioned themselves; they can then enjoy the route and group riding without the 40-50-60 mile route.

As part of a strategy to make sure the club stays alive

We also created some nice flyers that have been handed out to LBS’s and in workplaces.


On the day we managed to attract 8 new riders and quite a number of lapsed members back into the saddle, they all joined us on a cold windy March morning in Cottingham, these numbers bode well for the future!

Listen to the dullard talk — blah blah blah..


The event started with a quick chat explaining various hand signals, the basics of group riding and a welcome to the club, we then split into 4 groups and lead off at a few minute intervals to reduce the footprint on the road. June was happy to take the ladies in the first group and off they went.

Ready to ride!


The rest of the groups followed each containing a mixture of new and seasoned riders, this allowed the new comers to get a taste of riding in a pack and understand the rules of groups (no sharp braking, telling people when you’re stopping/slowing etc)

Lots of day-glo on show..


The pace was kept slow to allow everyone to concentrate on their road positioning and enjoy the experience, this was about the new members not us old timers..

Rolling through Cottingham


As we passed through Willerby Kevin had a puncture at the back, luckily Charlie spotted this and alerted us to his plight, two of headed back to make sure he wasn’t left behind.

Keeping good order..


The rest of group carried on, we had two re-groups planned, one at the Humber Bridge (in case anyone needed to go to the toilet) and the other in the car park of Vive le Velo in North Ferriby.

Enjoying the starters ride


Phil and I stayed with Kevin to mend his puncture, by the time we got moving again it was decided we would reverse the route and try to catch them somewhere on the road.

Re-group at the Humber Bridge


We eventually rolled into the Humber Bridge car park as they were about leave, the site of so many Cottingham Road Club tops in one place was nice. We navigated through the tricky A15/A63 junction with just the one pushy car driver who couldn’t wait what turned out to be 30 seconds until we turned off for North Ferriby.

Leader of the pack


Some how the groups ended up as one large peleton and what a site it was, there’s certainly a feeling of safety in numbers, car drivers provided much more room than normal!

bike porn


We had a quick stop at Vive Le Velo where a few oggled at the bike porn on show through the windows, a quick head count then a choice given – the hard or the harder route, to nearly everyone’s including most of the new comers credit they chose the steep climb of Woodgates to tax their legs.


The group who chose Kemp Road climb split up as the individuals natural rhythm for hill climbing came to the fore, I headed up and made sure they grabbed onto the back of the Woodgates group.

This was the last I saw of them until I reached the finishing line but I


heard they all had a blast along Westfield Road back to Cottingham.

And rest..


Overall it was a great ride – a large crowd that we managed to organise into smaller units, no-one was injured, very few incidents and lots of smiles at the end.

Hopefully we’ll be seeing a few of the faces on our regular rides.

Chapeau to everyone!