Overnight charity ride – 200km

Tonight 17 Cottingham Road Club riders set off for a 200km ride to Lincoln and back.
To make things difficult they decided to do it overnight.


Supported by a van kindly donated by the Sewell Group gamely manned by Justin & Annette, the pack set off from the Humber Bridge at 8pm to follow a roundabout route to Lincoln, which also included a trip up Micklegate at midnight.


They will then follow the Trent north to Goole before turn east for home.

A group of well wishers waved them off but not before food parcels from East Coast Cycles and Power Bars from Viva Le Velo were distributed to all participants.


The event is to raise funds for both Beech Holme Tandem Club to help blind and visually impaired riders enjoy the freedom of cycling that we all take for granted along with Alzheimers Research UK.

One of our regular riders father is suffering from dementia, Alan is riding the 2015 Prudential Ride London 100 mile cycling sportive in August to raise funds for Alzheimers Research UK.


We all thought that it was a great cause along with the fact that Alan provides many amusing blog posts to keep us laughing that we want to help Alan reach his target.
See more at: http://getreadyforridelondon.blogspot.co.uk/

The Beech Holme Tandem Club is based at HERIB, Beverley Road, Hull and was formed in about 1952 by a group of cyclists from the Cyclists Touring Club so that blind back riders could enjoy the pleasures of cycling through the countryside with sighted front riders. – See more at: http://www.herib.co.uk/services/clubs-and-groups/beech-holme-tandem-club

The riders have missed all of the bad weather and enjoyed superb sunsets to ease them into the dark hours.


A further blogpost will include a full account of the adventure.

If you want to be part of the Cottingham Road Club then take a look at the join-us page, after all it is free!