Starter riders are getting very popular

Wednesday saw Cottingham Road Club break a new club record; we managed to attract 40 riders out for an introductory ride from the Humber Bridge.

horkstowThis included 6 new riders and 8 women.
We even picked up a rider at the bottom of Horkstow Ramp who then cycled the furthest distance they’ve ever achieved along with climbing a hill in without getting off.

It was a great personal achievement for the individual as well as a great achievement for the club.

The weather was perfect which may have helped the turnout, but regardless it was a great event.

We make sure all our events are as safe as can be with ride leaders at the front and back connected by walkie talkies..

This helps coordinate a large bunch of riders and one of the reasons for the introductory rides is to allow new and potential club riders the chance to experience group riding and learn the skills required along with good road craft.

Our ┬ároute included an extra little lump to enjoy the blaze of evening sunshine, those that didn’t want to ride the extra miles peeled off and rode back to the bridge as a pack (20 strong!)

On the way we even saved a dog – evidence of this can be seen here..

If you wish to participate in one of our rides then just follow the instructions on the join-us page, you’ll not regret it..