Club kit order

It’s your chance to order a spiffy Cottingham Road Club jersey..
We’ve got two flavours of Summer and one of Winter jersey available.

If you’re thinking of ordering both types then please submit two order forms.

The last date for this order run is August 1st (day after pay day!) so please be quick.

All orders must be paid for before 2nd August.
I’ll be sending payment details very soon to all those who have made an order.

Prices are £38 for the Summer tops and £40 for the lovely Winter ones.

Now is the perfect time to think about staying warm and looking good across the colder seasons (i.e. the other 50 weeks of the year!)

Pop along to the order form and get clicking

Summer – Blue sleeve jersey
Summer – black sleeve jersey


Cottingham Road Club Winter Jersey - 2015
Winter Jersey – 2015