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British Cycling (BC) Affiliation

Cottingham Road Club – British Cycling (BC) Affiliation.

I’m pleased to announce that Cottingham Road Cycle Club has officially become a member of and affiliated to British Cycling. After some debate at the committee meeting(s) it was agreed that the Club would take the step and affiliate.

The decision was taken based upon the following factors.

In order of preference:-

1.  Insurance:-To provide the club with insurance on club rides, charity events and programs such as youth development should we decide to go that route

2.  Funding:-As British cycling are part of Sport England it is our intention to raise funds for the club through funding.

How that affects you:-

1. We have no intention of charging fees. It is hoped that fundraising will cover any costs raised. The club has little or no overheads at all so costs are virtually nothing.

2. We will ask that, should you wish to ride with the club you fill in a membership form. This will then cover you on the rides and this will be available in paper form or from the website.

3. You can (if you wish) join BC through the club and enjoy half price membership @£14 and all the benefits that come with being a BC member (see link below)! THIS IS NOT COMPULSORY!

4. Reduction in kit prices if point 2 is successful.

5.  The club will make full use of the tools provided by BC to take the club forward and hopefully give us a good presence within Hull and East Yorkshire area.

6. RACING;-We will NOT take part in any event as a club, the club ethos and strategy stays the same.




Charles Rispin and I have covered this year’s fees. We hope that funding will reimburse us but if not, we give this money freely to the benefit of the club and its members.

Side note:-

We are also pleased to announce that we Have asked Katie Hack to become a voting committee member, Kate has a lot of drive and knowledge through her current activity and believe that she can bring new and exciting ideas to the club and help grow its membership. I hope you will all take a moment in congratulating Kate. Welcome aboard!

Committee (As registered with BC)


Chairman Mark Ellam (Carries a deciding vote should the vote be even)

Secretary Andrew Ferguson

Voting Members


Adam Jennison

Adam Smith

Charles Rispin

Kate Hack

It has been an exciting 2 years in British cycling and hope that we can enjoy this sport, its excitement,  health and social benefits associated with cycling through the coming years.


Mark Ellam





Club Ride to Sledmere

11 eager souls arrived at The Purple Cow on a bright and breezy morning ready for a long ride out to Sledmere House.  Meg Burkill managed to get many shots of the bikes with some interesting shadows being created thanks to the lesser spotted “Sun” being out.

The ride started at an good pace, heading out to Sledmere without a hint of wind, that was until we hit Wetwang (the cafe at Sledmere was closed!!) Whilst many have the delights of Harpers Fish and Chips others opted for a lighter option or just a coffee.

As soon as you leave Wetwang you hit a big climb, initially quite steep with twists and turns before flattening out somewhat, 4km of climbing after fish and chips is not the best idea.

We split into 2 bunches to allow the faster group to push on and the slower group to ride together without fear or being dropped. We dont leave people behind! The ride back was tougher, the wind was now in our face and we felt it all the way back to the Purple Cow.

A great ride that was made even better by the sun burn that those of us who braved shorts where now sporting.

Weekends are for cycling!

The Monument
Cottingham Road Club

National Cycling Centre


Over the past few months there has been a log of talk about booking on to the National Cycling Centre Track in Manchester.  Due to the high number of people wanting to ride on the velodrome in Manchester we have been placed on a waiting list.   There are 75 other groups also on the list for September.

Basically what happens is in May the time table for September will be released with certain times available for Private Hire, we have to respond and if successful will have the track booked.

What do we get and how much is it I hear you shout, well we get full use of the track, alone for 1 hour with the use of a British Cycling Coach.  The cost for an Adult  16+ Private Novice taster session would be £180 per hour for a max of 16 people and includes Track hire, bikes helmets & training coach.  Shoes are £5 to hire.  I suspect that we will have no issues filling up the 16 spaces available.  The maximum cost would be £16.25 each for the 1 hour session on the track. BARGAIN!

Keep a look out for more information

Club Ride – Saturday 13th of April

This weekend sees us take a longer than normal ride out to Sledmere. A largely rolling route with a couple of good climbs and nice decent’s. With the majority of the climbing finished after 30 miles when entering Huggate you can enjoy the mainly downhill ride back to the Purple Cow.

We are meeting at the Purple Cow for 9:30, departing at 10am prompt.

Meg Burkill will be joining us pre-ride to take pictures of all the bikes that will be waiting for us outside the Purple Cow. She is looking for inspiration for a Tour de France themed exhibition she will be hosting next year. If you don’t want your bike being photographed just mention it to Meg when she arrives. More details on Meg are available here – Meg Burkill Facebook

Early weather indications are that we should be relatively ok, until we near the end of the ride, while the entire ride back from Sledmere will be into a head wind…

Check out the route, upload to your GPS device, and we will see you on Saturday.