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A year of cycling – by Rich

If my first year with CRC has shown me one thing it has been that where there’s an obstacle in my way, be it hill or distance travelled, I will succeed where before I have failed.

Let us not beat about the bush, cracking your first 100 miler is a milestone in any cyclists book. I had a nemesis in the Etape Eryri (2014) in that I rode a 75+ course over 5000ft of climbing on a hybrid bike & I will not lie that I walked nearly every hill going. That was a defining moment in my cycling journey, I would purchase a road bike and do my utmost to conquer my nemesis.


Roll forward to October 2014, I joined CRC and thought I would be able to keep up on a ride to Sledmere. Wrong, dropped and I was walking every little incline going. With a number of the group ably guiding me back home the only thing I saw for that entire ride back was Chris’s rear wheel.

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Ride London – 100 Mile Sportive

Regular members of Cottingham Road Club will know Alan and his build up to the Ride London 100 sportive, he’s been in training for a while and at the same time raising funds for to go towards the Alzheimers Research UK charity.

The Club helped Alan smash his target when they performed and overnight Charity ride in aid of Alan’s cash total, everyone involved enjoyed the experience and supporting his cause.

Alan finally had the chance to enjoy the Ride 100 and as has become the norm he wrote a very amusing blog entry to describe his exploits.

One day we’re going to make him write a book about cycling..

Pop across to not only read the blog post but spend 12 mins watching the Ride 100 on the most funky of videos you’ll see today.

If you feel like pushing Alan’s total that little bit higher then feel free!

Introductory rides going from strength to strength

Last night (Wed 15th July) saw another amazing turn out of 39 riders starting from the Humber Bridge car park, the weather may have helped…
Included in those numbers were 8 women and 6 new starters.

A big hearty welcome to our new riders.

As is now the norm we split into a couple of groups, with Group A setting off first at a slower pace.
We do a standard route on the south bank that is flexible enough to allow riders to choose a hill to improve their fitness and hill climbing technique – and it works!

Group B set of a little later and either add in a an extra hill or chase hard – again it helps improve fitness, people are always supported and never forced into doing anything they don’t feel comfortable doing.

Group B decided to tackle Gravel pit road en masses before turning right along the A1077 to Sth Ferriby were they picked up the normal ride.

Group A did the usual route through Barton to Horkstow and the hills.

We all came together at the top of the ridge before riding back to Barton and the Humber Bridge in one large peleton of riders.

New riders thoroughly enjoyed them selves and with the encouragement of the group everyone got round without incident.
The ride ended with smiles all round.

A huge thank you to our dynamic duo on their tandem who came to the aid of a fellow cyclists stranded on the Humber Bridge with a snapped chain – I salute you!

If you want to join in then feel free to follow the instructions

Club kit order

It’s your chance to order a spiffy Cottingham Road Club jersey..
We’ve got two flavours of Summer and one of Winter jersey available.

If you’re thinking of ordering both types then please submit two order forms.

The last date for this order run is August 1st (day after pay day!) so please be quick.

All orders must be paid for before 2nd August.
I’ll be sending payment details very soon to all those who have made an order.

Prices are £38 for the Summer tops and £40 for the lovely Winter ones.

Now is the perfect time to think about staying warm and looking good across the colder seasons (i.e. the other 50 weeks of the year!)

Pop along to the order form and get clicking

Summer – Blue sleeve jersey
Summer – black sleeve jersey


Cottingham Road Club Winter Jersey - 2015
Winter Jersey – 2015