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THE CRC Three Do Britain

Our Support from Threshold Sports:

I feel humbled by the sponsorship received but also awestruck at how well the actual event was organized by Deloitte and Threshold Sports.  A fully functioning camp for 900+ riders was relocated every day and it functioned perfectly.  It wasn’t just the tents, there were marquees for catering including kitchens, a café, bar, laundry and drying facilities, mechanics, medical, massage, physio, yoga and stretching facilities as well as the toilets and showers. 

On the road we had marshals on motor bikes, medics and mechanics patrolling, not to mention the team of awesome chaperones also cycling the whole route, leading groups, sweeping up stragglers and lending a hand and wheel whenever needed.  Some doubled up as physios in the evenings, something I was to learn later.   This was their tenth year, and a well-oiled machine it is.  Was it worth the cost, yes!  You could see where it all went and it was also reflected in the quality and quantity of the chef’s (Lulu) cooking every evening.  One of us would gain the nickname ‘Three Puddings’ for the rest of time.  I’ll leave you to guess who that might be.

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