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UPDATE - Oct 2021
This site will be update very soon – the signup process below has ben updated to include the online new member and ride capture system: Spond.  Please read and follow if you wish to join Cottingham Road Club and be informed of all future rides.  For more information please contact
The club is free at the point of contact, so you can just turn up and ride (after you’ve completed the bits below). We’re a mixed sex club with many women members though we do have a good complement of MAMILs trying desperately to hold onto their youth.
Complete the emergency contact form and information form over at Spon: 
You can either download the app (best option) or signup and get email or SMS replies. 
Wait for the reply from Spond – which will invite you to next available rides and in the mean time read up on our starting places.
If you’ve not cycled in a group before or not confident about the distance /speed then choose to the next Intro+ or if it’s during the Summer months the next Wednesday night starter ride, else opt in for the next suitable ride you can attend.
Turn up at the event before the starting time with a suitable road bike, spare inner-tube, tools, spare change and a smile. 
Enjoy every minute on your bike and if you want to relive any moment of it or get involved in the social aspect then either follow us on twitter or request to join the very busy FaceBook group

We take information security seriously, your details are secure. The emergency contact number will be made available to all other group members so they can respond in the unlikely event of an accident.