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Why do we look for hills?

Good question, only another cyclist could understand the reason for cycling nearly 30 miles so they can descend a hill to only turn around at the bottom and ride straight back up.

Which is exactly what today’s ride was all about.

Oh – and coffee, I’d be lying if coffee wasn’t a motivating factor.

The forecast for today’s ride was sunshine, strong winds and maybe a few showers on the way home – but it was to be warm, much warmer than of late.

I decided that as I’m from northern stock this equated to cycling shorts, no leg warmers for me!

Today’s group consisted of 5 ladies, 1 new starter and a total of 20 (more info on the club statistics page)

We gathered at the Humber Bridge Country Park to do what all cyclists across the globe do when they get together – talk about bikes, hills and the weather.

Ready to set off – look at that sky!


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