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The Invisible Hill, Michael Jackson And A Plug Hole


The CRC club ride on Sunday 21st February was going to be a largely flat 54 mile ride from Cottingham to Howden in the East Riding and back.

Largely flat apart from 2 hills topping and tailing the ride. At the top of the ride would be the well worn climb out of Cottingham, through Skidby and Little Weighton and finishing off at the top of The Clump descent into South Cave.

At the tail of the ride would be Brantingham Dale rising up from the village of the same name.

Just under 2 miles in total Brantingham Dale is made up of a steady climb through picturesque woods before a final stinger section that ramps up the gradient to around 10 % over 300 metres.

Beware those who are tempted to go too fast on the lower slopes as they will reap the whirlwind on the stinger.

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For the want of some sunshine..

Photos by Charlie
This week’s main club ride took us back to the flat lands of Holderness.

We endeavour to please as many people as possible and as such we start off around 1 in 6 of our rides in East Hull.Riding around the Holderness plains is completely different from riding in the Yorkshire Wolds.
You may be riding on the flat but you’ll nearly always have a strong wind to contend with, and Saturday’s ride was no exception.The forecast was for an overcast cold morning with a strong Easterly growing stronger as the day progressed.  The sun was expected to make an appearance around 10-11am, hopefully at the coffee stop time!
Sunshine at the end of the ride


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Why do we look for hills?

Good question, only another cyclist could understand the reason for cycling nearly 30 miles so they can descend a hill to only turn around at the bottom and ride straight back up.

Which is exactly what today’s ride was all about.

Oh – and coffee, I’d be lying if coffee wasn’t a motivating factor.

The forecast for today’s ride was sunshine, strong winds and maybe a few showers on the way home – but it was to be warm, much warmer than of late.

I decided that as I’m from northern stock this equated to cycling shorts, no leg warmers for me!

Today’s group consisted of 5 ladies, 1 new starter and a total of 20 (more info on the club statistics page)

We gathered at the Humber Bridge Country Park to do what all cyclists across the globe do when they get together – talk about bikes, hills and the weather.

Ready to set off – look at that sky!


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Ride review – 50 mile trip to Howden

Well that was a windy one!

Distance: 50 miles
Route: Available on the Garmin website
Starting numbers: 18
Women: 4
New riders: 1
Ride time: 3:45 mins

Today’s ride was on paper a slow up hill struggle until South Cave then a slow head wind grind until Howden, before an easier time on the way back finishing with a sting in the tail..

Which is exactly what it turned out to be.

A good sized group of 16 turned up on ready for a 9am start and if it weren’t for a couple of dubious riders arriving late the ride would have started on the dot.

As it happens it was me that was late, but I plead the 2nd in my defence.

Aka the 2nd cup of coffee that morning.. I knew I shouldn’t have agreed to Charlie’s demands to “have a coffee – we’ve plenty of time” but I’m weak and it was so nice..

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