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CRC affiliates with the CTC

It’s a mouth full but the CRC have affiliated with the CTC.

The CRC have always been a non-racing club so the committee of the Cottingham Road Club decided that the club has more in common with the Cycle Touring Club than British Racing.

Our local club can be found over at http://eastyorkshirectc.org.uk/ where you will find a wealth of information, they have a very active member base and have regular well defined routes for its members to ride.

The affiliation allows club rides to be insured as well as other perks.

Members can take advantage of reduced costs for individual 3rd party insurance of just £16 per year (rises to £18 if purchased on or after 1st Oct 2014).

This will cover them for up to £10 million for 3rd party claims.

They are also allowed to enter CTC club rides for free.

For further information pop along to the CTC website and read more.

All in all it was too good a deal to ignore.

To take advantage of the offer – become a member of the CRC and join us on a ride.

REMINDER – Road Bikes, Helmets and Insurance

As part of our affiliation with British Cycling we are covered by their insurance on all Official club rides, this is third party only! This means that we expect anyone wanting to ride with the club should fill in the relevant paperwork in the event of an accident.

You must, if you want to ride with Cottingham Road Club, ride a Road Bike it must be fully road worthy and properly maintained for all club runs, you must also wear a suitable cycle helmet that conforms to British Standards!

We will then ask that you fill in a membership form. This includes the usual name and address information but also key emergency information, its better to be safe than sorry! This will then cover you on the rides, this is available in paper form or from the website.

As a British Cycling club YOU are entitled to half price membership at £14 which comes with all the benefits that come with being a BC member (see link below)! WE do expect that you have insurance be that through the club or through another agency



If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact a member of the committee who will do all they can to help you.

On behalf of CRC

Cottingham Road Club Switches Up A Gear

As the club has grown over the past year I [Mark Ellam] have consulted with Andrew Ferguson and we have agreed to form a committee to help steer Cottingham Road Club to a secure and successful future.

The committee’s role is to:-

  • Bring new and existing ideas to the table and see them through to fruition
  • Help with the day to day running of the club.
  • Running Social media such as the Website and Twitter
  • The group will be responsible for agreeing policy, moving the club forward within the community, be inclusive and follow the ideals first set out with the club formation.
  • Funding – Help with fund raising for the benefit of the club and its members
  • Charitable events and contributions

I’m pleased to announce the following have agreed to become part of the group and if anyone else feels that they can contribute positively to the club please PM me.

Myself [Mark Ellam] continuing as Chairman
Andrew Ferguson Treasurer

Voting Members will include:
Adam Jennison
Adam Smith
Charles Rispin

Cottingham Road Club will always be an inclusive non racing cycling club, open to all and demanding nothing but your time to ride, all we ask is you be tolerant of others and have a road bike (the clue’s in the name!)