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A Deluge, A Bus Shelter And The Dying Fly


In the summer there is very little motivation required  to go for a bike ride. In warm and sunny weather you can’t wait to don the lycra and get out there and pedal.

Some people even jet off to sunnier climes such as Majorca and Tenerife where the conditions are so perfect they are transformed into cycling gods biking near 100 mile bike rides day after day. 


( Note to the Missus : I’m not going Annette. The plane will go into the sea like a dart ! ) 

Hull in November is a very different story.

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For the want of some sunshine..

Photos by Charlie
This week’s main club ride took us back to the flat lands of Holderness.

We endeavour to please as many people as possible and as such we start off around 1 in 6 of our rides in East Hull.Riding around the Holderness plains is completely different from riding in the Yorkshire Wolds.
You may be riding on the flat but you’ll nearly always have a strong wind to contend with, and Saturday’s ride was no exception.The forecast was for an overcast cold morning with a strong Easterly growing stronger as the day progressed. ┬áThe sun was expected to make an appearance around 10-11am, hopefully at the coffee stop time!
Sunshine at the end of the ride


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