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CRC club ride – 15-03-14

Photo by Charles Rispin

Well with the strong NW wind last Saturday it certainly blew away the cobwebs.

There have been many club rides throughout the winter with stalwarts riding through the wind and rain, but it was great to see so many riders turn up outside a closed Purple Cow (why it’s closed I don’t know)..

There were even a few in shorts..

It didn’t start too well as we found that a lot of people had problems downloading the routes from the Gramin website, from now on the sites will be available to down load from this site, so it turned out that only myself had the route mapped.

We welcomed two new riders, Lee and Martin, this week which brought the rides complement up to around 15+

It was also terrific to see Mr Ellam again 🙂

We decided that it was the short route for everyone as we left Cottingham.


It was a quick trip through Skidby which left us climbing towards Little Weighton and into the very strong head winds, the group fragmented and some of the stronger riders missed the right turn onto Dunflat Lane instead enjoyed the downhill into Little Weigthon.

This was the first of a few hiccups.

It meant an extra trip down the hill for me so I could give the good news of another hill to climb and they were soon back on track.

We turned onto Dunflat Lane and that’s when the fun of cycling came into its own.

A strong back wind with a long slight downhill section on quiet roads is the best combination a cyclist can find as we hit speeds of 40mph.

The feeling of exhilarating is something to behold and just brings a smile to you face.

The CRC pack flew along Dunflat Lane and stopped in ones and twos at the end to await everyone (no-one is left behind)..

We had to wait quite a while for a few stragglers from the bunch who popped into Little Weighton and with some of the riders getting a bit cold we decided to split into two groups.

Mark Ellam kindly took over leadership of the slower group of around five or six riders, one of the new riders, Lee said he had a great ride out and thanked everyone involved.  He has since been out to buy some cleats and shoes after Mark explained about how much more efficient they allow you to be.

The route route took us North into Etton, the sun was shining the roads empty and life was good.

We then turned into the head wind……


The slow gradual climb out of Etton up the Gardham road was quite painful on the legs, not so the incline but more the relentless buffeting from the wind.


This is when it’s good to be small, you find someone larger than you and suck wheel for a while.
I also saw my moment when we were confronted from behind by a nice set of ladies towing a full horse box.  Thinking of that old line ‘carpe diem‘ I pulled in and let the horse box pass me.

I then gave it everything to get behind it, and for the next few miles I had a lovely ride, no head wind for me!

Crossing over the A1079 it was more of the same, strong winds, this time mostly from the front right hand side, strong enough to move your front wheel.

We started to create small bunches as everyone sought relief from the wind, most people looking to jump on the tallest riders wheel.

As we passed the right hand bend we could see the start of Stoneknowle Hill and the run into North Newbald.

Passing through South Newbald I had time to admire the wonderful scenes of village life, it really is a picturesque place.

Next up – Trundlegate..

I have a love hate relationship with Trundlegate, it’s a great hill to ride, it’s usually quiet, the wind is normally ok and it’s steep enough to give you a test, but.. It’s the hill that broke my back, quite literally for it was on Trundlegate back in 2012 that a latent spinal disc injury decided to catch my attention, in fact it started to do a song and dance with jazz hands!

So Trundlegate for me is one hill that I enjoy riding up again as at the time I never thought I would ride again.

This time it was different, I would say it’s because my legs were strong and I’m really fit now (not really..) and it was nothing to do with the stupidly strong back wind, but we took Trundlegate with much less effort than I’ve ever done before.
It was a joy, that was until the young mountain goat that is Tony Adlard flew up to me looking as fresh as a daisy..  I then thought I better move my legs a bit more.

The wind pushed me all the way to the top where the reward of a banana was waiting for me.

Nearly all of the hard work was now behind us and it was downhill all the way to back to Cottingham.

At this point we said goodbye to a few of our bunch as they decided to use back wind and get back before anyone knew they had left the house for a sneaky bike ride..

The rest of us shot off down Littlewood Road, we passed a few riders on the way up the hill as we flew like a bird down it, I was feeling mighty sorry for them as we enjoyed the back wind.

Again speeds in excess of 40mph were routinely hit and I couldn’t help myself squealing like a pig..
The smiled stayed with me for some time.


We popped through Walkington exiting south via Kirk Lane before picking up the Little Weighton road and losing another rider, some poor excuse about actually ‘living’ in Little Weighton….!!?


The last climb of Risby Hill before it was time to light up the 30mph sign into Skidby and back via Eppleworth Road to Cottingham.

All in all it was a great ride out, the sun was shining, the roads dry and regardless of the wind it was a pleasure to ride out with such a nice bunch of people.

Next week ( Sunday – 23rd March 2014) we have a nice tootle around the south bank, meet at the Humber Bridge carpark for a 10am start.