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Alan’s write up of the wet weekend weather

Alan is getting a bit famous for his quality blog, people avidly wait for his next post just in case they get a mention, or is that just me?

Writing takes emotional energy, it also requires you to bare a bit of your soul, you never know how it’s going to be received by the reader.

Alan’s blog has grown in depth as he’s developed his very unique and funny style, his ride reviews are a great read and a cure to depressing rainy evening..

They do what good writing should do, make you feel as though you’re part his experience.

Don’t take my word for it – go and read his next instalment, all about last weekends wet weather wanderings.

Alan is building up his fitness so he can ride the 2015 Prudential Ride London 100 mile cycling sportive in August. This is a massive challenge for him and is doing it on behalf of his Dad who is a dementia sufferer and to raise funds for Alzheimers Research UK.

Please give what you can for Alan’s cause.


Starter rides – now every Wednesday evening

Last night we had our first starters ride from the Humber Bridge.
The event was a result of the superbly attended event earlier in the month, it was obvious from the numbers that attended that there’s a need for a ride at a reduced pace.

Last week I rode around with a few experienced Cottingham Road Cub members to check out what will be a standard starters course.

We were all in agreement that it’s length, quiet roads and scenery will make an ideal route.

So starter rider #1 kicked off with 9 riders, 4 of which were women and we had 1 new starter to the club.

It was  a perfect evening for cycling, light winds and a dry surface, the only thing missing was a warm temperature, the 24 mile route was extended slightly with the addition of a small hill (route change agreed by all on the evening), this allowed a little variation and warmed us up a bit.

By the time we arrived back at the Humber Bridge even Hannah was feeling the cold – this doesn’t sound much but Hannah rides with half fingered gloves even in the middle of Winter – I on the other hand had thick gloves with inner liners and still got frost bite!

It was a lovely social ride at a steady pace and will be repeated next Wednesday.

If you want to join us then all you have to do is complete the ‘Emergency Contact Form‘ and when the email comes through choose the “I’m In!’ option – no need to pay.. just turn up and ride.

We do stipulate road bikes only though.

Why do we look for hills?

Good question, only another cyclist could understand the reason for cycling nearly 30 miles so they can descend a hill to only turn around at the bottom and ride straight back up.

Which is exactly what today’s ride was all about.

Oh – and coffee, I’d be lying if coffee wasn’t a motivating factor.

The forecast for today’s ride was sunshine, strong winds and maybe a few showers on the way home – but it was to be warm, much warmer than of late.

I decided that as I’m from northern stock this equated to cycling shorts, no leg warmers for me!

Today’s group consisted of 5 ladies, 1 new starter and a total of 20 (more info on the club statistics page)

We gathered at the Humber Bridge Country Park to do what all cyclists across the globe do when they get together – talk about bikes, hills and the weather.

Ready to set off – look at that sky!


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Icy trip around the Lincolnshire Wolds – Sunday 8th Feb

Sunday (8th Feb) saw a determined group of CRC members meet at the Humber Bridge car park.

CRC starting at the Humber Bridge
CRC starting at the Humber Bridge

A fairly large group of 25, which included five ladies, two new riders and a visitor from our parent affiliation club the ‘CTC’, amassed before setting off at 9am.

So far the cycling season has been very hit and miss and it was obvious from the turn out that people have missed their cycling fix.

Having had a few club rides cancelled already in 2015 today’s threat of a mild frost was not going to stop them riding.

Icy corners are not nice

It was a start full of trepidation and ‘one foot in and one foot out’ of the clips as we climbed away from the icy car park and onto the sunny side of the Humber Bridge.

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