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Ladies Underwear, A Motionless Dog And An Iron Lung


I had resisted entering for a few weeks pleading poverty….

“…. I am a poor pensioner …the cat needs an operation….the boiler has gone kaput…..we are down to our last 25Kg bag of porridge…..what about Brexit ?!!”

But in the end there was no escape. I knew it was April and therefore I had to do The Heart Of The Wolds sportive. It’s the law.

It was The Classic route for Annette and I again this year, 60 miles in the Yorkshire Wolds over a range of terrain…

Flat….. no problem

Downhill……positive pleasure….as long as it’s not too steep as my eyes start to water at 30 mph and I get a bit scared.

Rolling…….yeah OK so long as the uphill bits don’t go on for too long

Challenging ……you mean steep hills don’t you !? Oh come on !

This year we would be doing the event with Rich who luckily turned up in his Cottingham Road Club jersey giving me the wafer thin justification I need to call this a club ride and therefore put this blog on the club website.

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Mini Pasties, Telepathy And The Heart Of The Wolds Sportive


The great thing about cycling is the freedom. You can hop on your machine and ride on the public roads and lanes at any time day or night for no cost.

All you need is some get up and go……and a bike of course that can set you back thousands if you are that way inclined.

But we won’t mention that.

Suffice to say the great outdoors is free. There are no gym memberships to pay, no green fees, no booking fees.

When you have experienced cycling on your own, then moved on to cycling with friends or in a club you are then ready to move onto the next stage of your development.

A stage where you willingly pay to ride the same roads and lanes you can ride at any other time for free.

A stage where you willingly pay to ride with the same friends and club mates that you always do.

The time has come for you to enter a sportive.

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A year of cycling – by Rich

If my first year with CRC has shown me one thing it has been that where there’s an obstacle in my way, be it hill or distance travelled, I will succeed where before I have failed.

Let us not beat about the bush, cracking your first 100 miler is a milestone in any cyclists book. I had a nemesis in the Etape Eryri (2014) in that I rode a 75+ course over 5000ft of climbing on a hybrid bike & I will not lie that I walked nearly every hill going. That was a defining moment in my cycling journey, I would purchase a road bike and do my utmost to conquer my nemesis.


Roll forward to October 2014, I joined CRC and thought I would be able to keep up on a ride to Sledmere. Wrong, dropped and I was walking every little incline going. With a number of the group ably guiding me back home the only thing I saw for that entire ride back was Chris’s rear wheel.

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