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Introductory rides going from strength to strength

Last night (Wed 15th July) saw another amazing turn out of 39 riders starting from the Humber Bridge car park, the weather may have helped…
Included in those numbers were 8 women and 6 new starters.

A big hearty welcome to our new riders.

As is now the norm we split into a couple of groups, with Group A setting off first at a slower pace.
We do a standard route on the south bank that is flexible enough to allow riders to choose a hill to improve their fitness and hill climbing technique – and it works!

Group B set of a little later and either add in a an extra hill or chase hard – again it helps improve fitness, people are always supported and never forced into doing anything they don’t feel comfortable doing.

Group B decided to tackle Gravel pit road en masses before turning right along the A1077 to Sth Ferriby were they picked up the normal ride.

Group A did the usual route through Barton to Horkstow and the hills.

We all came together at the top of the ridge before riding back to Barton and the Humber Bridge in one large peleton of riders.

New riders thoroughly enjoyed them selves and with the encouragement of the group everyone got round without incident.
The ride ended with smiles all round.

A huge thank you to our dynamic duo on their tandem who came to the aid of a fellow cyclists stranded on the Humber Bridge with a snapped chain – I salute you!

If you want to join in then feel free to follow the instructions

Starter rides – now every Wednesday evening

Last night we had our first starters ride from the Humber Bridge.
The event was a result of the superbly attended event earlier in the month, it was obvious from the numbers that attended that there’s a need for a ride at a reduced pace.

Last week I rode around with a few experienced Cottingham Road Cub members to check out what will be a standard starters course.

We were all in agreement that it’s length, quiet roads and scenery will make an ideal route.

So starter rider #1 kicked off with 9 riders, 4 of which were women and we had 1 new starter to the club.

It was  a perfect evening for cycling, light winds and a dry surface, the only thing missing was a warm temperature, the 24 mile route was extended slightly with the addition of a small hill (route change agreed by all on the evening), this allowed a little variation and warmed us up a bit.

By the time we arrived back at the Humber Bridge even Hannah was feeling the cold – this doesn’t sound much but Hannah rides with half fingered gloves even in the middle of Winter – I on the other hand had thick gloves with inner liners and still got frost bite!

It was a lovely social ride at a steady pace and will be repeated next Wednesday.

If you want to join us then all you have to do is complete the ‘Emergency Contact Form‘ and when the email comes through choose the “I’m In!’ option – no need to pay.. just turn up and ride.

We do stipulate road bikes only though.

Breaking new ground…

Photos by Charlie
Cottingham Road Club started out with a few friends riding together, over the years the people who lead the club have changed but the same ethos and philosophy is engrained throughout the club like the words in a stick of rock.

We’re a friendly non-racing club that is there for the passion of cycling.

Rolling along..


Stuart doesn’t ride with the club any more but we can thank him still for the seed he planted which today started on a new period of growth..

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Starter ride – 17miles

Well the time is nearly upon us – this Sunday (15th March) Cottingham Road Club will be hosting it’s very first starters ride.

It’s a 17mile ride from the Olive Garden – Hallgate Cottingham starting at 9am.

The route includes some hills and will be taken at a pace suitable for all who join us on the day.

For this ride we are relaxing the ‘road bikes only’ rule and allowing hybrid owners to enjoy the pleasure of group riding.


Have a look at the event, complete the ‘emergency contact‘ form, read the ‘starting out‘ page, make sure your chain is oiled and brakes are working then turn up on the day!