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The hills are alive!

I’ve got my notes next to me, the first line is ‘set the scene..’
So here we go..

It was a coolish sunny morning in late March, the wind of late had died to naught and tension was in the air. The thoughts of many throughout the week had been focused upon this day – for today we ride!

And where do we ride you may ask – well to them there hills, that’s where..

Today’s club ride was all about spring – we’d ordered good weather and a favourable wind to go along with our hilly start to the season and luckily someone had remember to pay the weather God[s] as they duly delivered, the sun had enough warmth to allow the uncovering of some very pasty pins.

Sun == shorts


Our route took us NW to Market Weighton then North towards the hills.
We planned to split into two groups at Burnby, one for a shorter 42 mile route while the rest of us head on to Bishop Wilton.

I looked at the weather forecast the night before and worked out that the route would be doable in shorts – coolish on the way out and warming through the day. Spring weather indeed.

Our I’m-in reminders told me that we were to expect 15 riders, this would be a great turn out but on the day we started with 21.

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